What you can do to help Israel

1. Educate yourself.

Check out our Links and Recommended Reading and learn more about what is really going on in Israel.

 2. Fight the Boycott Israel Movement.

The best way to fight against the racist boycotts Israel Movement is to BUY Israeli products and services. Check out for Israeli fruits and vegetables in your local supermarket. Often the peppers, oranges, cut herbs, dates, organic products, passion fruit and avocados are Israeli. Go to eBay and search “Made in Israel”.

Check out the following online stores for Israeli produce.



Search out for Dead Sea cosmetics and also SodaStream both are from Israel.

Buy Israeli bonds.  www.israelbonds.com

 Remember don’t Boycott Israel. BUYcott Israel.

 3. Challenge media bias against Israel.

If you see biased articles in the media, contact the media outlet and make a complaint.

 4. Express solidarity with Israel

Wear a blue ribbon or pin, display a flag,Put up a pro Israel car sticker, sing Hatikvah. Participate in community events

 5. Write to your local TD or MEP 

Tell them you stand with Israel. Tell them that Israel is a concern for you and you want them to stand with Israel. Consider following up your email with a visit to your TD’s office, to explain your position in full.

 You can find your local Senator,Councillor,TD or MEP here.

 6. Like Irish4Israel on Facebook and Twitter.

Urge your friends to also LIKE and Follow us.

 7. Become a member of Irish4Israel.

Becoming a member will help us increase our work such as online advertising,inviting guest speakers,producing literature etc. You can sign up to become a member here or if you would prefer to just donate you can donate here

 8.Buy Pro Israel books, 

Give them to friends and family to read or donate them to your local library or school.

 9.Stand up for Israel.

Are you a member of a trade union, Tell your union representative that you oppose boycotts of Israel and that you expect them to oppose any boycott motions.If you are involved in student politics, vote against motions calling for boycotts of Israel.

 10. Do NOT donate to Trocaire or Christian Aid,

Both charities are involved in promoting a one sided biased agenda against Israel. If you see their collectors on the street, inform them you will not be donating until both charities drop their anti-Israel position.