Palestinian Incitement

An important message to get across is that the ordinary Palestinian is not the enemy. We take issue with those groups who see the use of violence against Israel and the Jews as legitimate. In fact, the ordinary Palestinian is often exploited by their leaders in the Palestinian Authority (PA) and armed groups such as Hamas or the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade. Money donated by the EU to the PA intended to help the ordinary Palestinian is often channelled off to terror groups or to line the pockets of corrupt officials.Recently 2 billion of EU money to the Palestinian Authority has gone missing and most likely has been stolen by corrupt officials.

In the past, Palestinian refugees have been denied entry into Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Libya. They are often denied citizenship and residency as it works in their favour of the surrounding powers to have an unsettled population of Arabs on their doorstep. This way they can point to the Palestinian camps and blame Israel to distract from their domestic problems. The result is that thousands of Palestinians are forced to live in tents with poor sanitary conditions and become dependant on American and EU taxpayer’s money. If only they could remember this next time they are burning an American flag. Some of these refugees tend to become radicalised as they are constantly being told that Israel is to blame for their poor living conditions.

The most innocent of all the Palestinians – the children – are also possibly the most abused. Summer camps and schools run by the UNRWA teach that Jews are monkeys and pigs and that Arabs will one day conquer Israeli cities by force. Again, Western powers like the USA and EU are the biggest sponsors of the UNRWA. If only Westerners knew what their taxes are being used to fund.


Children’s cartoons encourage martyrdom and suicide bombings against the Jews. The Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV is a major proponent of such incitement. The issue was brought to world attention after a widely televised incident in which a mentally handicapped Palestinian teenager, Hussam Abdo, was disarmed at an Israeli checkpoint. What hope is there for peace in the coming decades when their children are force fed hate-filled propaganda?

 Many Arab newspapers, such as Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah, propagate myths started by the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a hoax from early 20th century Russia – not the most welcoming place for Jews at the time. The paper gives publicity to conspiracies such as Jews control all the governments of the world or that the Jews plan the genocide of all West Bank Arabs. These sensationalist stories are intended to work up gullible Palestinians into a fit of rage and spur them on to carrying out attacks.

Palestinian armed groups have been known to hide their weapons stash in and around schools and hospitals, so when Israeli air strikes target these stashes, innocent casualties ensue. Hamas can then exploit their deaths for propaganda purposes. Groups such as Amnesty International have been critical of the complete disregard the Palestinian armed groups show for their own people.


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