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Why the obsession with Israel ? 

Ireland is considered the most anti Israel country in Europe.Why has Ireland taken such a keen interest in this conflict ?
Many within Ireland identify with the Palestinian cause, some identify it with Ireland’s struggle for Independence.

There are many anti Israel lobby groups in Ireland. They frequently protest on the streets of Ireland,while also organising various boycott Israel events.These movements are not pro peace and do not speak out loudly against terrorism or rocket attacks on Israel. They are largely silent on the thousands of Palestinian deaths in Syria and remain silent on the Egyptina blockade of Gaza. Many believe this is because they can’t blame Israel.

Israel is a western country,yet still remains an exotic location.Journalists operate freely within Israel and while they may feel like they are reporting from a war zone they in reality enjoy the comfortable life of Israel while not on air or working. The sheer volume of journalists who were in Israel during recent wars in comparisson to the number who have travelled into Syria or Libya is stark.This gives rise to a dispropotionate amount of media time on the Israeli – Arab conflict.

Since the mid-1970s, when an Arab-Soviet-Third World bloc joined together to form what amounted to a pro-PLO lobby at the United Nations, this accusation has rung poignantly true. Particularly in the General Assembly, these countries — nearly all dictatorships or autocracies — frequently vote together to pass resolutions attacking Israel and supporting the Palestinians.The UN Human Rights panels have elected countries such as Cuba,Saudi Arabia,Sudan,Pakistan and Algeria to the panel. These countries are hardly in any position to begin to judge another countries human rights.

Both UN Sectretary Generals Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-Moon have criticised the disproportionate amount of time the Human Rights Council spends on Israel.