Irish4Israel is a non-denominational movement founded in 2010 to provide grassroots support for Israel in Ireland. We believe in a just and peaceful solution to the current conflict but we have sought to challenge the consistent political and media bias against the state of Israel.

Irish4Israel seeks to

 • Speak out for Israel when no one else will.

• Educate people about what is going on “behind the news”.

• Promote positive stories about the state of Israel and its rich culture.

• Oppose the demonisation of Israel in the media here in Ireland.

• Promote a genuine understanding of Israel and the threats it faces.

• Oppose the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel,which we believe to be inherently racist and one-sided.

We hope that you will find “The Issues” section a great help in informing you about the realities Israel is facing.

This website would not be possible without the support and contributions of a number of organisations and individuals who wrote articles,provided information or allowed their photos/infographics to be used. Irish4Israel would like to  especially thank Alan McEneaney, NGO Monitor, HonestReporting, StandwithUs, BlueStar. Jewish Virtual Library, Stand for Israel and John Burke.






To promote a more positive vision of the modern day State of Israel across the island of Ireland; to explain to Irish people why Israel isn’t the ‘pariah state’ it’s constantly made out to be, and explain the country’s security predicament and difficulties.